The department conducts statistical and methodological research within the FHML research institute CAPHRI,
more specifically within the two programs Promoting Health and Personalized Care, and Ageing and Long-Term Care. 
One of us furthermore participates in the FHML research institute SHE. Our research focusses on the following topics

  • Optimal design and sample sizes for nested designs (cluster randomised and multicentre trials)
  • Optimal design of longitudinal studies and surveys
  • Multilevel reliability and agreement analyses with covariates
  • Longitudinal data analysis (mixed/multilevel regression, group-based trajectory modeling)
  • Multiple imputation methods for missing data in nested study designs and in meta analyses
  • Bayesian methods and missing data handling in cost-effectiveness trials (including cluster randomised and multicentre trials)


Our colleagues from the Methodology & Statistics dept. of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, with whom we cooperate, furthermore conduct research on:

  • New methods for detecting person by situation interactions

  • Bayesian statistical analysis of high-dimensional data (genetics, neuro-imaging), specifically Bayesian variable selection and Bayesian nonparametric methods

  • Critical assessment of conventional methodological practice in psychological research


We publish our research in various prestigious journals such as Statistical Methods in Medical Research, Statistics in Medicine, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Biometrics, Psychological Methods, NeuroImage, Multivariate Behavioral Research, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.

Also, various research results have already found their way in free R software developed by our staff, and  are frequently applied in research in health, medicine and psychology, in which we participate as statistical advisors and coauthors.

For details, see the individual staff members’ pages