The department offers statistical advice and support on study design (a.o. sample size) and data analysis and reporting,
to all researchers in the UMC+ , as well as to all FHML students when doing analyses for their thesis or, their WESP (Medicine).
For researchers, a single consult is offered for free. Repeated consults or support in data analysis are offered in exchange for co-authorship, co-promotorship, or payment, depending on the amount of support needed.
For students, consultancy is free of any charge and covered by the Education Institute (OI).

Members of the department have expert knowledge not just on standard statistical methods, but also on advanced methods such as mixed/multilevel regression, structural equations modeling (SEM), group based trajectory modeling, missing data handling, and Bayesian analyses. Software used includes SPSS, R, STATA, SAS, MLWin, MPLus and Lisrel for SEM, Matlab, JAGS and WinBUGS (Bayesian stats), and PASS (sample sizes).
For details, see the individual staff members’ pages.

Researchers who consider statistical help in their data analyses, are invited and advised to consult us already in the phase of study design.
In statistics, just like in health care, prevention is the better cure !  See below the list of whom to contact for a first advice.

Students who need statistical advice for their thesis or their WESP, can send an email to Secretariaat-stat@maastrichtuniversity.nlStarting point is that advice is given on statistical techniques that are part of students’ educational programme or on small extensions of these techniques.


Please give us a few days to respond, and be aware that waiting times may be longer in July-August due to summer leave (we run courses from Sept till the end of June).


Whom to contact for first statistical advice if you are a researcher ?


For researchers in the CAPHRI program Promoting health and personalised care (PHPC):

dr. Math Candel (for researchers from the dept. of Health Promotion)

dr. Bjorn Winkens (for researchers from the dept. of Family Practice)


For researchers in the CAPHRI program Ageing and long-term care (ALTC):

drs. Gavin van der Nest

dr. Andrea Gabrio

dr. Francesco Innocenti


For researchers in the School of Health Education (SHE):

dr. Shahab Jolani


For all other researchers in the FHML and UMC:

dr. Bjorn Winkens


Depending on the expertise needed, as well as on the timing of the request and the prior existence of collaboration,

the researcher may subsequently be referred to another statistician in our dept. for further support.